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  • Lightening Up AV with Low Voltage LED Lighting June 4, 2019
    New Low Voltage LED Lighting Solutions are driving the next great opportunity in the AV channel. Transformation of space, dynamic scene settings, lifestyle and wellness applications are just some of the features and benefits AV integrators can now deliver to customers.
  • When USB is Not Just USB March 6, 2019
    USB-C connectors can lead to a lot of confusion. But a few simple tools and tricks can help ensure consistently good results. Normally, when you see a jack on a piece of equipment, it is what it is. For example, an HDMI® jack is for HDMI® video. VGA is for VGA video, and so on.
  • New Soft Codec Switcher Delivers Seamless BYOD Presentation Hand-Off Using In-Room Peripherals February 25, 2019
    Liberty AV’s new DigitaLinx Soft Codec Switcher (DL-SCU21C) makes virtual connectivity, presentation, and auto-switching effortless and easy … simply choose the room or space!  Perfect for simple applications using a computer for software or cloud-based video teleconferencing in huddle room, conference room, or board room applications.
  • New Senior Account Manager Brings Wealth of Knowledge to Science Students February 14, 2019
    Electromagnetism and Experiments Made for a Great, Educational Presentation Once a year, Liberty AV’s new East Coast Account Manager, William ‘Bill’ Georger visits his daughter, Ms. Georger, and her 6th grade science class to lead a lab experiment about electromagnetism.  An electrical engineer, Bill makes the entire experience for the students very educational, yet memorable. 
  • Liberty AV Announces Rollout of Digital Media Services January 24, 2019
    Comprehensive Services Include Free Signage Templates, Customized Content Options, and Hardware Bundling, Designed for the Unique Needs of Varying Vertical Markets Known for keeping up on the most current AV innovations, Liberty AV Solutions has once again advanced their product offerings.  Beginning in January of 2019, Liberty AV will now offer Digital Signage Solutions by […]

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  • Media Converters -- Options & Overview August 5, 2019
    Media converters adapt fiber signals to a variety of different formats and/or cable types. They are not designed to switch, route and manage network signals; therefore, they provide a lower cost alternative when the main function is a point-to-point connection and conversion.  Like network switches, most media converters feature an SFP port that is compatible with both […]
  • TechLogix Fiber Optic Quick Reference Guide August 5, 2019
    New to fiber? New to TechLogix? We have a quick reference guide that can help.  The TechLogix Fiber Optic Quick Reference Guide overviews common fiber optic infrastructure components, including product features and TechLogix part numbers.  The quick reference guide is a convenient two page PDF that's easy to follow and ideal for printing.  Download the guide online.  […]
  • TechLogix Custom Premade Fiber Cable Brochure August 5, 2019
    Not sure how to terminate? Missing a fiber optic tool? Short on time and labor? TechLogix released a new Custom Premade Fiber Optic Cable brochure that can help.  TechLogix manufactures custom premade fiber optic cables in as little as 5 – 7 days. Customize cable length, fiber type, strand count, jacket construction, armoring and connectors. Cables arrive professionally […]
  • SMPC Presenter Cable Showroom Demo July 21, 2019
    TechLogix SMPC Presenter Cables are now available with a demo tag, allowing you to showcase the product in sales presentations and showrooms.  One of TechLogix's most popular conference room and classroom solutions, SMPC Presenter Cables securely lock HDMI adapters directly onto the HDMI cable ensuring they are never lost or forgotten. SMPC cables are a low-cost […]
  • How to Select the Proper Fiber Optic Enclosure and Mounting Solution July 14, 2019
    Selecting the proper fiber optic enclosure, whether a rack tray or wall-box, is imperative for reliable fiber optic signal performance and long-term system stability. Enclosures provide protection for fiber optic strands and accessories (such as adapters and couplers), as well as necessary strain-relief and cabling management for excess cable.  This article explores common considerations when choosing the […]


  • How Telemedicine is Changing Healthcare December 12, 2017
    Thanks to Nicky from In recent decades, telemedicine has become one of the leading service delivery models in healthcare. Creating an opportunity for physicians to reach patients around the world, telemedicine is changing the way hospitals, clinics and private practices impact those who need them most. What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine is the evaluation, diagnosis […]
  • How Collaboration Technology Is Transforming Classrooms September 20, 2017
    The adoption of collaboration technology in education is helping educators meet student needs in new and exciting ways. Let’s look at why it’s transforming classroom.
  • Evolution September 14, 2017
    “We’re in the midst of an evolution, not a revolution”
  • Building Strong Company Culture Through Communication August 16, 2017
    You don’t have to sacrifice company culture for a remote workforce. Develop a strong culture with these communication suggestions.
  • Five Video Collaboration Solutions Your Workplace Needs August 9, 2017
    Video solutions in the workplace should improve productivity and collaboration. Here are 5 solutions every business should consider implementing