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  • Cosemi Expands Global Sales Channel Through Distribution Agreement with Liberty AV Solutions, WESCO International Inc. February 26, 2018
  • BYOD Demands in Today’s Meeting Rooms February 1, 2018
    As new versions of phones, tablets and laptops hit the market faster than ever before, it’s obvious that technology is ever changing. Quick technological advancements aren’t without frustration. We’re all too familiar with the hair-pulling challenge of finding the right device adapter or learning that your six-month-old device is antiquated. Our business environments are no different. […]
  • Plenum rated cable pulling and installation practices in cold weather January 8, 2018
    ‘Tis the Season for the dreaded “Cold Pull”. During the winter months Liberty typically sees claims of cable jackets cracking and splitting from customers. In almost every instance the product exhibits splits and cracks every couple of feet. This is not a defective cable but is an example of incorrect installation procedure by the installer. […]
  • Become a Wireless Network Guru in few simple steps October 4, 2017
    How to get the most out of your Wireless Networks By Arthur de Jager, CEO of Niveo Professional The (non-)sense of heat maps We regularly receive requests to, based on a blue print of a building, to create a heatmap. Although the customer is always right, we should not give poor advise. So, we advise […]
  • How Secure are Your AV-Installations? August 29, 2017
    By Arthur de Jager, CEO of Niveo Professional Less than one month after the WannaCry ransom-ware attack, many companies and institutions were hit by Petya. The Petya attack spread very rapidly affecting many companies in a very short time-frame(1). It nearly paralyzed operations of one of Europe's largest container terminal and has seriously disrupted the […]

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  • White paper: Typical Fiber Cabling Options June 13, 2018
    Interested in running fiber optic cabling but not sure what your options are? TechLogix can help. This white paper overviews various options and types of fiber optic cabling, as well as the advantages of each type. Information is included on premade cables, armored cables, direct attach cables, and bulk cables.  The white paper can be […]
  • TechLogix Partners with Phoenix Marketing Group June 11, 2018
    TechLogix has partnered with the Phoenix Marketing Group to manage the custom installation channel in the Southeastern United States. Led by industry veterans Chris Gilray, Robin Roy and Mark Garijanian, the Phoenix Marketing Group will develop TechLogix's reseller network while providing training and support for TechLogix's emerging technologies, including fiber optic signal distribution hardware and collaboration systems. 
  • TechLogix Launches Premade Fiber Optic Cables June 4, 2018
    Everyone knows lasers are cool, and most people are warming up to fiber optics in AV. However, not everyone is comfortable selecting bulk fiber cabling and connectors and learning how to terminate. TechLogix to the rescue.  TechLogix M4D and S2D cables deliver bulk fiber performance with the convenience of a preterminated, premade cable that's already cut to length. […]
  • Ellen Jorgensen Joins TechLogix Team as Office Manager May 30, 2018
    Ellen Jorgensen has joined the TechLogix team as their Office Manager. Ellen will be overseeing operations and administration for the TechLogix Madison, WI, headquarters.  Ellen is a veteran of the audio-visual industry and has held leadership positions with Intelix and Liberty AV Solutions. She can be contacted via phone (608-960-7242) and email ([email protected]). 
  • TechLogix Expands Share-Me™ Line May 26, 2018
    TechLogix is expanding their Share-Me™ lineup with five new products designed to simplify meeting and presentation spaces.  The TL-SM3C-HD and TL-SM3C-HDV systems combine presentation switching, twisted pair extension and control into a single package. Each model supports up to three Share-Me™ table inserts, providing two button control for source selection and display on/off. Audio, video and […]
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