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  • All DisplayPort is NOT Created Equal October 31, 2019
    TO USE 4K OR NOT TO USE 4K - THAT IS THE QUESTION Are you having issues with your DisplayPort Adaptors working properly? It may be the resolution of your devices. Or it may be whether your cable is built for 4K or not. 4K ADAPTERS ARE POWERED  To adequately deliver 4K content to your […]
  • LibAV Unveils New Warehouse in Connecticut September 30, 2019
    Liberty AV New Warehouse Announcement – Sept 2019 Gimme a Break, 1 Day Shipping? Now you can count on faster ship times!  Convenient northeast location speeds up delivery times for local customers and offers quicker shipping to New York Metro, Boston, and Philadelphia. No more worries about ship times with faster, more efficient & speedy […]
  • Kick Your Old Distribution Amp to the Curb August 30, 2019
    Liberty AV Product Announcements – August 2019 The DigitaLinx 2x4 / 2x8 HDMI Distribution Amplifier/Splitter (DL-HD24/28A-H2) is an HDMI 2.0 Compatible 2x4 or 8 device featuring two selectable HDMI inputs, four/eight HDMI outputs, analog & digital audio de-embed, and auto down-scaling for maximum display compatibility. Perfect for connecting two sources, control system, audio amplifier and […]
  • WESCO Subsidiary Liberty AV Solutions Enters Distributor Agreement with TOA Electronics August 27, 2019
    SECAUCUS, NJ, August 1, 2019 –Liberty AV Solutions, a subsidiary of WESCO International, Inc., a publicly traded Fortune 500 holding company and a leader in the professional AV marketplace, has entered into a distribution agreement with TOA Electronics, Inc., a manufacturer of professional high-performance commercial audio products. Liberty AV Solutions will be responsible for distributing […]
  • Lightening Up AV with Low Voltage LED Lighting June 4, 2019
    New Low Voltage LED Lighting Solutions are driving the next great opportunity in the AV channel. Transformation of space, dynamic scene settings, lifestyle and wellness applications are just some of the features and benefits AV integrators can now deliver to customers.

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  • TechLogix Launches HDMI Splitter with Scaling December 2, 2019
    TechLogix introduced the TL-DA14-F2, a 1x4 HDMI splitter with built-in EDID management and scaling.  The need to 'split' an HDMI signal is quite common. In residential applications, splitters are often used for sending a single cable box to multiple displays. In office applications, splitters are often used for sending a single computer to multiple monitors. In education […]
  • USB-C to HDMI Adapter Compatibility November 14, 2019
    As USB-C becomes more prominent on electronics, the need to adapt USB-C to HDMI affects more and more installations. TechLogix SMPC Presentation Cables and adapter rings feature two different USB-C to HDMI adapters:  Apple™ Certified / MFI compliant adapters Generic adapters Apple™ Certified adapters are designed specifically for Apple™ products, such as phones, tablets and computers.  Generic […]
  • Apple Adapter Update for SMPC Adapter Rings November 4, 2019
    Apple has announced the replacement of its USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter which supports the conversion of USB-C to HDMI.  Effective immediately, part number MJ1K2AM/A will be superseded by the MUF82AM/A.  While the two models do share the same form factor and are both compatible with the TechLogix SMPC HDMI adapter ring, the MUF82AM/A does introduce several […]
  • Fiber optic cables built for AV racks October 15, 2019
    Introducing TechLogix Black Series™ patch and premade cables. Forget the delicate rainbow of fiber optic cables that clutter datacom racks. The TechLogix Black Series™ is certified for durability and performance. And, yes, they feature black tactical jackets to ensure they blend into your beautifully wired rack. Black Series™ cables use top-graded OM4 multimode fiber to provide […]
  • TL-TP70-HDARC replaces TL-TP70-HDIR September 30, 2019
    TechLogix released a new twisted pair extender set -- the TL-TP70-HDARC -- which replaces the existing TL-TP70-HDIR. All future designs and sales will be transitioned to the new model effective October 1, 2019. The TP70-HDARC features identical performance and features to the TP70-HDIR, including:   HDMI & bi-directional IR transmission over a single twisted pair cable […]
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