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  • Troubleshooting Fiber Runs November 11, 2018
    Fiber optic cabling is arguably the most reliable way to transmit audio, video, control and network signals -- it supports 10,000x times more bandwidth than twisted pair, it's immune to electromagnetic and RF interference, it's non-corrosive, and it's impervious to static electricity, lightning and power surges. However, as with copper-based installations, fiber can have challenges.  This […]
  • Distributing Power with Fiber: Technologies and Applications November 5, 2018
    Fiber optic cabling does not transmit electricity and therefore won't power connected devices -- it's an issue many integrators must grapple with when converting their projects from copper to fiber. And while there are several important benefits to not transmitting power, dealing with power distribution for connected devices can be a challenge.  This article looks at the whys, whats and hows […]
  • Tactical Fiber: Ideal for rental, staging, broadcast & outdoor applications November 4, 2018
    Tactical fiber, also known as "military-grade" fiber, has become a popular solution in commercial, broadcast, production, rental/staging, and even residential applications. Why? Because its unique construction makes it:  Water resistant,  UV resistant,  Crush and trample resistant,  Tear, slice and puncture resistant,  Durable and pliable for unspooling and re-spooling, and Resistant to chemicals, salts and other corrosive […]
  • TechLogix Launches Fiber Wallplate Keystone Adapters November 1, 2018
    TechLogix launched a line of universal keystone adapters for use with any wallplate, rack tray or other mounting blank conforming to 14.5mm x 16mm keystone cutouts -- the standard size in AV and network applications.  Two models are available: the M4D-KS-LCLC for duplex multimode connections and the S2D-KS-LCLC for duplex single mode connections.    M4D-KS-LCLC Multimode Keystone Both […]
  • Demarc Wiring: Common Applications with Fiber October 31, 2018
    We often get asked how to wire a demarc with fiber optic cabling. Unfortunately, there isn't a single answer or a dominant installation example -- several variables combine to determine the best way to integrate fiber into a new or retrofit installation. This article will examine seven different integration patterns, including the reasoning behind each configuration. However, […]


  • How Telemedicine is Changing Healthcare December 12, 2017
    Thanks to Nicky from In recent decades, telemedicine has become one of the leading service delivery models in healthcare. Creating an opportunity for physicians to reach patients around the world, telemedicine is changing the way hospitals, clinics and private practices impact those who need them most. What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine is the evaluation, diagnosis […]
  • How Collaboration Technology Is Transforming Classrooms September 20, 2017
    The adoption of collaboration technology in education is helping educators meet student needs in new and exciting ways. Let’s look at why it’s transforming classroom.
  • Evolution September 14, 2017
    “We’re in the midst of an evolution, not a revolution”
  • Building Strong Company Culture Through Communication August 16, 2017
    You don’t have to sacrifice company culture for a remote workforce. Develop a strong culture with these communication suggestions.
  • Five Video Collaboration Solutions Your Workplace Needs August 9, 2017
    Video solutions in the workplace should improve productivity and collaboration. Here are 5 solutions every business should consider implementing
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