Keep it simple, with the Universal HDMI Adapter Ring

Hard to believe that the year is winding down, the air is colder and Summer was only a few months ago.  As I originally sat down to write this blog post, I noticed on a friend’s social media post that Starbucks had switched to their holiday cups, giving official permission that we are indeed in the holiday season and entering winter.

But, back to warmer days for just a moment. .  .

A few weeks before school started for my kids, we had a chance to get in a quick family trip to visit extended family.

(yes, trip – not vacation. Big difference. 😉 )

During our visit I became engaged in a conversation with a family member who is a professional with a large company and aware of  They mentioned they were curious about our ever popular Universal HDMI Adapter Ring.  However, they admitted that they didn’t fully understand all that it did from the description online. Here’s the description for your reference:


Eliminate your customer’s panic and expense when presentation adapters go missing or get lost liberty’s patent-pending adapter ring locks in the HDMI cable going to your display while any adapter you may need is at your fingertips. Not only do you get a solid and reliable connection, but the adapters are guaranteed to stay locked to the HDMI cable so they won’t get lost for the next presentation.  

The DL-AR allows a single HDMI cable to accommodate many popular devices via displayport, mini displayport, mini HDMI (c), micro HDMI (d), and dvi-d. Secure your presentation adapters with the cable clamp and security loop cable clamp mounts on the HDMI cable and holds the high tensile strength cable loop in place each adapter has a unique eyelet of durable construction to mount onto the cable two sets of foam inserts for HDMI cables from 3mm to 9mm in diameter two sets of screws and nuts provided with each adapter package, t-10 torx pin driver and 1.5mm hex key wrench tool kit sold separately.  HDMI cable not included.

liberty dl-ar

While the description makes sense to me and our team, the conversation made me realize a few things:

  1. We need to objectively rethink how many of our product descriptions are delivered, particularly as they are received by the “average” AV savvy person visiting our site or reading a post.
  2. More guidance may need to be given for not so familiar “AV centric” terms like Displayport, DVI, and even adapter.
  3. We have a mix of customers and people visiting our site including working professionals, educators, AV professionals, integrators, and consumers.


During the conversation with my family member I provided them a brief verbal description of the Adapter Ring, along with an application example specific to them in their line of work.  They got it right away! And not only did they get it, they also purchased a DL-AR Universal Adapter Ring to carry with them to and from the office, as well as for business travel.

Enter happy dance:

So what exactly is the HDMI Adapter Ring in simple terms?

The Universal HDMI Adapter Ring is a tool that helps you easily connect your device (whether it’s a MacBook, PC laptop, iPhone, Android tablet, etc.) to a display to share your content. Since all modern TVs/Displays use HDMI to connect to (think of the cable going from your TV/Display to your DVD player, XBox, Playstation, Roku, Apple TV, etc.), but not all personal and mobile devices (think iPhone, Tablet, MacBook, PC) have the same connection, the Universal Adapter Ring has the most common adapters on it to use for your device.

Standard HDMI Cable                

HDMI Input on a Display

In addition to simplifying our Universal HDMI Adapter Ring description, we have also implemented a product video that we hope helps convey how simple, practical, yet essential the adapter ring is. In case you have not seen it, here’s a link to the video.


A big shout out to Dad’s Den for doing the review.  In fact, I encourage you to watch the brief video now and comment back to this blog, or on the video with your description of the Adapter Ring and possibly how you would use it.  Let us know if you have any questions.


Lastly, did you know you can Configure your own HDMI Adapter Ring?  You may not need all the adapters shown on the standard DL-AR configuration which includes: micro-HDMI, mini-HDMI, mini-Displayport, full-sized Displayport, and DVI. You may just need an Apple Lighting and mini-Displayport. Or Full Displayport, USB-C and mini-Displayport. Whatever the configuration can help you.


And if you have a need for a large order, contact us for special project pricing. We would love to talk with you and see how we can help!