New Soft Codec Switcher Delivers Seamless BYOD Collaboration for Video Equipped Huddle Rooms!

Liberty AV’s new DigitaLinx Soft Codec Switcher (DL-SCU21C) makes virtual connectivity, presentation, and auto-switching effortless and easy … simply choose the room or space!  Perfect for simple applications using a computer for software or cloud-based video teleconferencing in huddle room, conference room, or board room applications.

Video conference via a connected computer, camera, and microphone to join any cloud-based or web interface meetings with ease.  Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Blue Jeans — choose the one that works for your needs; just bring your own device (BYOD). The DigitaLinx Soft Codec Switcher features HDMI input, USB-C input, USB 3.0/2.0 ports, Audio, RS232, and one HDMI output.

Charge and Present Simultaneously
Simple all-in-one design allows for charging while collaborating via USB-C.  Connect and conduct presentations on a laptop with USB-C such as MacBook, PC, or Chromebook and receive up to 60w of charging power without adapters!

Auto Switch
Switch between sources and displays using auto-switching, front panel controls, or via RS232.  Control third-party display connected to the switcher automatically when the switcher sees a connected source via RS232 or CEC.  As an added bonus, the USB host is auto-switching too!  The USB-C connector not only passes AV and Power, but it acts as a second host port.  When a USB-C host device is connected, the USB hub will auto switch the host, making USB-C the new USB host and automatically giving access to the room camera, microphone, and peripherals.  Unplug the USB-C and the USB-B now automatically becomes the host.

Creating a “Zoom Room”?  Simply leave a room PC permanently connected while allowing a user to easily connect a laptop, auto switch, and launch a different service at any time — it’s simple to use and smart!!  Supports 2×1 AV auto switching with HDMI and USB-C input and a single HDMI output, with video resolutions up to [email protected] 4:4:4, HDR, and multichannel audio.

EDID Management
In addition to passing native EDID information from the display to an input, DigitaLinx Soft Codec Switcher (DL-SCU21C) offers multiple built-in EDID settings to choose from, simplifying an installation. The switcher will de-embed 2-channel analog audio for audio reinforcement which is de-embedded from the HDMI output.

Everything You Need from Source to Screen
Complete your Soft Codec Switcher setup with the DigitaLinx Extender Set with IR (DL0HD70LS-H2) which will deliver 18G 4K HDR up to 70m, and connect a full selection of HDMIUSB, and optical cables.



Learn more about the DigitaLinx Soft Codec Switcher (DL-SCU21C) on the Liberty AV website