Every school has a safety and emergency plan. However, how confident are you and your staff that if needed, the procedures and technology in place will work as needed, when needed?


You know your school the best and there’s a lot to consider when the safety of students and staff are at hand. School personnel need solid tools at the tip of their fingers that will help reduce response time as much as possible in an emergency. That’s why Techdocent offers multiple safety and security solutions that can be customized to your school’s needs. From classroom alert buttons, school-wide communication, cameras, and more Techdocent is available to help.


Below are just some of the solutions we offer, as well as some free resources. Let us know what questions we can answer and if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your school’s security and safety needs.




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Every second counts for student safety.

Imagine having an extra layer of safety for your school, classrooms and more importantly—the people in them. The SAFE (Security Alert For Education) System from Audio Enhancement, Inc. connects teachers and classrooms to First Responders for quick response and communication, with a simple push of a discreet button from a device that is already on them.

Students need a safe learning environment.

SAFE System (Security Alert for Education) has given thousands of students and teachers peace-of-mind.

SAFE Commander is a simple management software that facilitates the creation of paging zones, bell schedules, and emergency alerts at your fingertips. Organize classrooms, hallways, outdoor, and other spaces into paging zones using this intuitive and easy to understand software. Each paging zone is assigned a unique phone extension and/or address. Administrators dial a zone extension to communicate to individual spaces or paging zones.*

SIP Video Intercom System

The N-SP80 series SIP Video Intercom System offers flexible audio and video communications using standard SIP and Onvif protocols. It can integrate with external SIP compatible systems through a SIP server.

Links to Other Free Online Resources:

How to Know If Your Emergency Plan Is (or isn’t) Protecting Your Campus


6 Tips for Creating a Robust Emergency Plan for Your Campus

Ready, a public service campaign from The Federal Emergency Management Agency, provides resources for K-12 students, parents, and teachers. Games, activities, and PDF booklets cover emergencies and natural disasters. What’s Happening in Your State? is a clickable map with state-specific information about recent events and large-scale disasters.


School Safety Resources links to articles, websites, and checklists for elementary school principals on the prevention, management, and aftermath of safety issues.


Free Resources from the National School Safety Center offers a source of PDF fact sheets and other resources on a variety of issues from terrorism threats to bullying. Resources are suitable for educators and parents.


Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools is a source for educators of emergency planning guides, webinars, and resources covering natural disasters and other emergencies. A Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans ( PDF, 1.8 MB, 75 pgs.) describes a six-step planning process. https://rems.ed.gov/


Sensible Solutions for Safer Schools is a collaborative report for educators from VIVA and National Education Association Idea Exchange that makes recommendations for creating safer schools. Download the full report ( PDF, 2.5 MB, 42 pgs.).


NASP Resources is a library of PDFs for educators with information on mental health and suicide prevention, bullying and harassment, violence prevention, behavior and discipline, and crisis prevention and intervention. http://www.nasponline.org/resources-and-publications/resources


The CDC’s Safe Youth. Safe Schools provides resources for parents, students, and educators about safety issues getting to school, in school, and during sports and physical activity as well as research and data resources.