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Huddle Hub One – Single Room Edition


Virtual Huddle Room

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Meet Huddle Hub

During collaborative meetings of small groups, typically everyone participates with his/her own device to take notes and share documents within the group itself or with remote participants. By leveraging those individual devices, Huddle Hub One creates a radically new scenario, where everyone can collaborate and communicate using only the embedded screen and camera of laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Device to device presentation

By connecting your wireless device to Huddle Hub One, you can present its screen directly to the screen of all the other connected participants. No matter where you are in your company, with Huddle Hub One you can make a presentation with no other video equipment. And switching from one presenter to another is as simple as clicking – or tapping – on the screen.

Multi-camera video feed

Through Huddle Hub One, you can connect up to six wireless mobile devices and transform them into a multi-camera, multi-screen videoconference solution requiring no other video equipment. Huddle Hub One combines the video streams captured by the individual cameras into a single one stream and sends it to the remote room through a single connection of your preferred video conference software.

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Dimensions 6.3 × 5.2 × 2.0 in

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