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Pixie+ Installation Builder

Getting control of your A/V has never been easier than now with the PixiePlus Installation Builder.



The PixiePlus is known as a simple to install and configure system that delivers years and years of trouble free operation.  Now you can do it all yourself and know that when it is done, you are done. The Installation Builder is a helpful process that helps you figure out what you need to do your project.  Starting with the PixiePlus wall controller and the Basic Install Kit, you can choose other options that may be needed to complete the project.  The PixiePlus is meant to replace the battery operated remote controls that are often missing, dead or broken with a wall mounted always available simple button panel that you can count on.  Whether you use it to send IR (Infra-Red) commands or Serial and Relay commands, the PixiePlus delivers reliable control at the touch of a button.  The PixiePlus is modular, so you can choose different source buttons that match up to your specific needs.  Installation is easy and the IR learning is done with a paper clip.


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