The Age of Amazon

What was the last thing you bought online?

What site did you buy it from?

I can guarantee that the majority of those reading this blog answered Amazon.  And ironically enough, that was my answer as well. While research and statistics pointing to the actual number of people in the US that buy online is conflicting, it is safe to say that over 75% of shoppers do so from the convenience of their mobile device or pc.  At least half (and that’s being conservative) of those online shoppers buy from Amazon.So why is Amazon so successful and the go-to virtual retail hub?  Well, I asked myself the same question and came to the following conclusion:
  • Customized Shopping Experience – How cool is it that Amazon knows what you may be searching for? (And how creepy too!)
  • Simple Checkout Process – And if you have the Amazon App set up on your phone purchasing is as easy as one swipe!
  • Social Proof – Reviews, Reviews, Reviews. Need I say more?
  • Consistent and Quality Images, Videos & Descriptions – This makes a big difference when shopping right?  Presentation and the right information helps sell every time.
  • Other Relevant (and not so relevant) Product Suggestions – Amazon’s ability to upsell & cross-sell is stellar.
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface – With well thought out navigation and filtering features it’s no wonder that you spend so much time looking at product, after product, after product, after product . . .
  • Prime – 2 day shipping (typically), access to tons of videos and music, audio books, cloud storage, and so much more!
  • Access to Techdocent’s Amazon Storefront – Well, maybe not solely responsible for Amazon’s success, but definitely a benefit if you shop on Amazon for audio visual products. 😉


Those are just some of the reasons why Amazon is the 10,000 lb online retail gorilla.

However, I pose the question, why do you think people shop on Amazon?

That said, many of Techdocent’s top selling products are available on our Amazon storefront found here.  Also, below is a list of a few of our items for your reference.


DL-AR – The ever popular Universal HDMI Adapter Ring, allowing you to have the connection you need with you whenever you need it.  Never be without the right connector again!

On AmazonOn

liberty dl-ar

BYOD HUB – Think of it as the active version of the DL-AR Universal Adapter Ring.  When one of the adapters is changed to a different device the BYOD HUB will auto detect and switch the content on the screen.

On AmazonOn

DL-AR + HDMI Cable – The standard DL-AR configuration, plus a 6 ft (or 15ft) HDMI cable bundle.

On AmazonOn

DL-AR HDMI Adapter Ring Bundle


On AmazonOn


On Amazon – On

TechLogix USB & Audio Table Insert

On AmazonOn

On the flip side, below is what can offer you as an online shopper and/or Audio Visual professional:

    • Larger Selection of quality ProAV products and solution – Techdocent has a large catalog to choose from that is not all offered on Amazon
    • Access to project pricing and discounts – Got a project or needing better pricing?  Contact us directly and we’ll see work with you for non-advertised project pricing
    • Customized Products – We receive requests all the time from our Amazon customers for customized DL-AR HDMI Adapter rings, wall plates & panels, room kits and more.
    • Personalized Customer Service – When was the last time you spoke to a live person at Amazon about your order?


  • Direct Customer Contact – Unless a buyer provides us with their direct contact information our communication with our Amazon buyers is limited to the Amazon email communication platform, which for the most part is good enough, but there are times when we can offer the customer more or they have a question that may be difficult to convey in an email.  When you by on you can speak a live person and exchange personal emails specific to your needs.


  • Discount off your first order – Use the code FIRSTONE at check out of your first order on for 10%, just because we like you and want you back.


There’s no doubt that we are in the midst of The Age of Amazon, yet not one online entity can offer you everything, even Amazon. Though they come pretty darn close.  That being said, we welcome you to visit both our Amazon storefront, as well as our website. Let us know if you are searching for any particular products or solutions, or if you have a project specific need that may require bulk quantities, customization or a special order.  We look forward to working with you.